QuipTech offers a FREE ENERGY ASSESMENT and consultation. This initial energy assessment provides extremely valuable data. Our goal is to provide this information quickly and with accurate precision. QuipTech has saved businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy and overall OpEx by incorporating energy conservation measures. 

L.E.D Lighting and Control Systems

L.E.D lighting technology is taking the lighting market by storm, and for good reason! Never before has there been a more cost effective time for businesses to take advantage of the benefits of switching to LED lighting. At QuipTech, our team of lighting experts will custom design a lighting package that fits your specific needs and budget. Our investment grade lighting audit comes complete with a full turn-key report. This includes, but is not limited to:

Return OInvestment

  • cash flow analysis

  • energy savings 

  • environmental impact

  • avoided maintenance costs

  • utility rebate and incentives

  • project financing report

  • product specification sheets 

  • photo-metrics, foot-candle reports, and other engineered drawings (provided upon request)

Reasons to make the move NOW! 

  • Budget-Neutral, Financing - Zero Capital Outlay

  • 70% or more in permanent energy savings 

  • Utility Rebate and Incentive Programs - may cover up to 100% of costs  

  • Lifespan - Up to 15 Year All-Inclusive Warranty 

  • Produces little infrared light, heat, and UV emissions

  • Highly suitable for operation in extreme climates, illumination of UV sensitive objects. 

  • Minimal heat output producing HVAC savings.

  • Instant on - No warm up needed. 

  • Control and customization capabilities with the integration of IoT and AI  

  • Cost effective retro-fit and/or new fixture applications. Keep the same exact look you have while enduring the benefits of LED's! 

Commercial Building Energy Audit

An energy audit report is the product of an energy assessment performed by one of our Certified Energy Managers. These professional auditors are trained in identifying energy conservation measures (ECM's) to be implemented to reduce energy consumption and provide the quickest Return On Investment for each customer. Each building is unique, and contains different opportunities in reducing utility costs and energy usage. Setting a "Benchmark" to see how your building stacks up against other similar buildings (external), or the buildings previous performance (internal), is important because it enables our auditors to create a starting point in identifying ECM's, and provides full transparency for each customer. 

Other services include:

  • Energy Procurement

  • Rate Analysis

  • Utility Bill Processing

  • Sub/Metering and Reporting

  • EnergyStar Scoring

  • Performance Contracting Assistance

  • Energy Management Consulting, Training, and Education